Zar vom Keiser Wappen

height 66.0 cm

muzzle 7.5 cm
length 71.5 cm

eye 1a
head 16.0 cm

weight 57 kg
hip pre excellent

elbow pre good

Large height, very large bone and overall substance, well formed head with short muzzle and broad skull, deep stop, well sized and carried ears, very dark eyes, black pigment, correct bite, correct neck and depth of chest, very well developed rib cage, correct angulation, correct coat with rich well defined markings, docked tail. In movement, excellent reach and drive.

Dam: Percy Monaco von Washburn

Zar vom Keiser Wappen, great grandson of the late 2006 World Show Winner, Gonzzo Earl Antonius (shown left) consistently produces extremely nice head pieces. Already Zar is a male proven to help any bitch with head shape and breed type. He produces heavy bone and very good substance. Zar is a relatively young male, but already proven with extremely high quality offspring placed around the globe.  

Monaco vom Zica Marodona

The Grandsires