Pasha Show Results

06.09.2005 Spec show Kragujevac, Dane Inancevic (CRO), VV1

24.09.2005 CAC S. Mitrovica, Natasa Ban (CRO), VV1 & Youth Sieger

5.29.06  USRC National Sieger Show, Gerard O'Shea (FCI) V4

Sire Show Results      

5-11-03 CAC Mol * YOUTH WINNER * Judge Rale Cekic    
5-17-03 CAC Ruma * YOUTH WINNER * Judge Rale Cekic
5-18-03 CACIB B. Topola * YOUTH WINNER *  Judge Istvan Hajasi (HU)
5-29-03 ADRK BG Allgau Bodensee Sieger (Germany), ADRK Judge H. Radtke,12-18 mos class SG2
5-31-03 FCI WORLD DOG SHOW DORTMUND, ADRK Judge Paul Fleige, 9-18 mos class SG 5th Place

6-7-03 Special Rottweiler Show Krushevac, Judge Tibor Ger ** Youth Winner **~ Hungarian KJS ~

6-14/15-03 Austrian Klubsiegerschau over 100 Rottweilers,Judge ADRK Dieter Hoffmann Jugendklasse V2

8-16-03 CAC Senta ** YOUTH WINNER ** Judge Maglodi Laslo (HU)

8-23-03 ADRK KS,  Judge Helmut Weiler,  Jungeclasse SG

9-20-03 CAC Bechej, Judge Maglodi Laslo (HU), Open Class V1 CAC

10-5-03 EURODOGSHOW Bratislava


3-14-04 Beograd, Judge Gere Tibor (SCG),  V1 CAC

4-04-04 CACIB Sarajevo,  Judge Karl Raisinger (A), 2 chairman of FCI , V1 CAC, Res CACIB

4-4-04 CAC Travnik, Judge Bojan Matakovic (CRO), V1, CAC, BOB, BOG

4-17-04 Special Rottweiler Show Rovinj (CRO), ADRK Judge Helmut Weiler, V1 CAC

5-16-04 CACIB Subotica, Judge Paola Watten (I), V1 CAC, CACIB

6-5-04 Klubsieger Hungary - MARK - ADRK Judge Uwe Peterman (G), Champion Class V1, CAC

6-13-04 CACIB Shaw Kragujevac, Judge Mane Zivancevic (SCG), V1, CAC, R.CACIB

6-27-04 ADRK BG Gablingen/Ostendorf, ADRK Judge Werner Walter (G), Champion Class V2

08-01-04 ADRK Orlaschau, ADRK Judge Werner Walter,ChampClass V1, CAC & ORLA SIEGER '04\

9-11-04 Beneluxshow, Judge Dirk Vandecasteele,V1, CAC, BENELUX WINNER 2004 & BOB

10-03-04 CACIB BECEJ, IFR Judge Dirk Vandecasteele,Champion Class V2, R.CAC, R.CACIB

10-16-04 BUNDESSIEGER Dortmund, Judge Edgar Hellmann (G),Champion Class V3

02-20-05 USRC CFRK Select Show, Judge Edgar Hellmann (G), Working Class V1

03-13-05 AIRK ECRK Winter Sieger Show, Judge Bianka Miksic Kasun (FCI), Working Class V1

04-10-05 USRC SE REG, Judge Wayne Simanovich (USRC),Working Class V1, USRC Select Male

05-28-05 Toronto Sieger Show Canada, Judge Uwe Peterman (ADRK), Working Class V1, Sieger

06-05-05  Alberta Sieger Show Canada, Judge Gerhard Apel (ADRK),Working Class V1, Alberta Sieger,  Most Beautiful Rottweiler, Most Beautiful Schutzhund Titled Male, Most Beautiful Rottweiler in Show

07-07-05  FCI International Show - Argentina, Working Class V1  

07-07-05 FCI International Show - Argentina, Working Class V1, CAC, CACIB, & BOB

07-09-05 Carib Americas Championship - Argentina, Working Class V1

07-10-05 World Show 2005 - Argentina, Working Class V2

08-21-05 ADRK KS '05 - Hohegeiss, Germany, Champion Class V5

08-27-05 BENELUX Show '05 - Hasselt (BE), Champion Class V1

09-05-04 ADRK KS Dusseldorf, Judge Werner Walter, Champion Class V

09-4-05 Canadian National Sieger Show Show '05 - Judge Gerhard Apel (ADRK), Sieger Class V2

10-09-05 USRC NE Regional , ADRK Judge Spindler, Working Class V1

3-12-06 AIRK Nationals Working Class V1, National Sieger, National Stud Dog


Pasha Earl Antonius, son of the late 2006 World Show Winner, Gonzzo Earl Antonius (shown left) consistently produces extremely nice head pieces. Pasha is a male proven to help any bitch with breed type and structure. He produces good bone and very strong substance. He is a very powerful moving and strong muscled dog and should compliment with that as well.  Pasha is a relatively young male, but already proven with extremely high quality offspring placed around the globe.  

"Pasha" Earl Antonius

by: Judge Gerard O'Shea

 Medium to Large height, very large bone and substance, very well formed head, broad skull, deep stop, correct ears, very dark eyes, excellent pigment, correct bite, one extra molar, good neck and depth of forequarter, very well developed ribbing and fore chest, well balanced angles, correct coat with excellent markings, correct tail. In movement, excellent reach and drive.

Mitrovica Youth Sieger, CGC, VV1,V, HD +/-,ED +/-

Tattoo 712555, DNA-V421914, Throid normal, Heart normal, VWD free

height 66.5 cm

muzzle 7.5 cm
length 73 cm

eye 1a
head 16.5 cm

weight 58 kg
hip hd +/-

elbow ed +/-