Nera vom Keiser Wappen Max Terezsk\'y Dvur Cujo Du Dauchant Tyson van het Polderbos
Xziria Du Dauchant
Lajka Earl Antonius Gonzzo Earl Antonius
Eva vom Hause Djurdjulov
Prissy vom Keiser Wappen Pasha Earl Antonius Gonzzo Earl Antonius
Aksa Elez Rot
Kori Earl Antonius Kliff von der Konigskanzel
Nera Earl Antonius
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Nera vom Keiser Wappen is a medium sized Rottweiler  female with excellent bone, rich well defined mahogany, a very large and blocky head with excellent stop and a black eye. Nera has perfect angulation front and rear, a short back and excellent spring of rib. This girl has superb movement, super ball drive and always seeks to please. She is a "kid favorite" around the neighborhood as she's always ready to play!

Nera vom Keiser Wappen

Max Terezsk'y Dvur "GERO" x Prissy Vom Keiser Wappen

Nera's dam, Prissy vom Keiser Wappen was our pick of the litter from the combination of Pasha Earl Antonius bred to Kori Earl Antonius. Kori is littermate sister to Kendy Earl Antonius,  2007 World Show Winner, '08 Hungarian Klubsieger Show winner, and '08 Vice Europiasieger show winner. She is the daughter to our Pasha's full sister, Nera Earl Antonius IPO1. Nera distinguished herself most notably in 2006 by winning the World Dog Show in Mexico City. She stood beside her father, Int Ch, WS'01 Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO1 as the two top Rottweiler exhibited at this most prestigious dog show in which competitors come from every continent.

At the 2006 Klubsieger show in Germany Kori's uncle, Arko Earl Antonius was named  Auslandsjugendsieger `06, and her aunt, Anja Earl Antonius became  KS `06 Res. Anw.Dt. YCh. VDH + Ausland Yugend Siegerin. She is sister to the 2008 World Show winner Int.-Ch., Dt.VDH-Ch., Ö-Ch.,ADRK-Ch. Ö-KS 05, FCI-ES 05, BS 05, ADRK-KS 2006 Djuke vom Vilstaler Land BH, ZTP,VPG3, HD-,ED +/-  and Benno Van Het Falconsnest. Her sire, Schweizer Klubschau 2001 V 1 CLIFF von der Königskanzel  SchH/VPG III, IPO III, ZTP, AD, BH, HD Frei, ED +/- is one of the top producing males of current times. Below are a few of the family members.