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Kori Information
Sex: female
 Hip HD+/-
Elbows ED+/-
Thyroid normal
Eye 2a
VWD: free
Height 62 cm
Weight 47 kg
Tattoo 713597










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CAC B Tapola Youth Siegerin


Kori Earl Antonius


Kori Earl Antonius is a very large and substantial female with excellent bone, superb muscle mass and a very large yet feminine head. Kori has perfect angulation front and rear, a short back and excellent spring of rib. Her movement is flawless and we expect it will aid in bringing her to the front of the pack in front of even the most discriminating judges. Kori's personality is one of her strongest suits. A one word description would be "stable". She carries herself with an air of very high confidence, has extreme ball drive, yet slows down and becomes very gentle with children and puppies.

Kori Earl Antonius is littermate sister to Kendy Earl Antonius2007 World Show Winner, '08 Hungarian Klubsieger Show winner, and '08 Vice Europiasieger show winner! She is the daughter to our Pasha's full sister, Nera Earl Antonius IPO1. Nera distinguished herself  most notably in 2006 by winning the World Dog Show in Mexico City. She stood beside her father, Int Ch, WS'01 Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO1 as the two top Rottweiler exhibited at this most prestigious dog show in which competitors come from every continent.

At the 2006 Klubsieger show in Germany Kori's uncle, Arko Earl Antonius was named  Auslandsjugendsieger `06, and her aunt, Anja Earl Antonius became  KS `06 Res. Anw.Dt. YCh. VDH + Ausland Yugend Siegerin. She is sister to the 2008 World Show winner Int.-Ch., Dt.VDH-Ch., Ö-Ch.,ADRK-Ch. Ö-KS 05, FCI-ES 05, BS 05, ADRK-KS 2006 Djuke vom Vilstaler Land BH, ZTP,VPG3, HD-,ED +/-  and Benno Van Het Falconsnest. Her sire, Schweizer Klubschau 2001 V 1 CLIFF von der Königskanzel  SchH/VPG III, IPO III, ZTP, AD, BH, HD Frei, ED +/- is one of the top producing males of today.

We had first hand experience in his ability as a producer. We sent an ADRK import female, Emili vom Hause Porthun Sch1, over to Europe to be bred to him in early '06 to produce our M litter.


Cliff von der Konigskanzel SchIII BH AD IPOIII ZtP HD- ED+/-

Ö-BJSgr '95 Mambo von der Teufelsbrucke SCHIII AD BH IPOIII ZtP Gek bis EzA HD+/-
 Torro vom Zimmerplatz SchH III FH AD Gek.b.EzA ZtP(06.89) HD-
WS'80 WJS'79 Brando vom Hause Neubrand SchH III, FH, AD, IPO III, HD-
 Simmy vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH I, HD-Frei
WJSgrn '92, KJSgrn '92 Face von der Teufelsbrucke SCH1 AD ZtpR
Int/Am Ch WS90 ES90 BJS87 O-BS Benno von der Schwarzen Heide SchH III, FH, IPO III, ZtP, TT, AD, CGC
BS'90/'91/'92, BJS'88,KJS'88,O-BS'91 FCI Int'l CH Bea von der Teufelsbrucke SchH III,FH,AD,IPO III,Gekort bis EzA,ZtP(04.89)
 Gina vom Scheldetal SchIII AD BH FHI ZtP HD+/-
 Pascha vom Hegestrauch SchH III, IPO III, FH, AD, Gekort bis 9/93
 Arri vom Hertener Wappen SchHIII, FH, AD, IPOIII, Gek. b. EzA HD-
 Gamba vom Giesenend SchH I, ZtP (5/87)
 Ilka vom Wartturm SchH/VPG I AD BH ZtP HD-
DM SchH'90 Fjordbakkens Andy SchIII Fh AD IPOIII Gek.b.EzA 9-29-91(Kempton) HD-
 Candy vom Wartturm SchIII FH AD IPOIII Gekork bis EzA HD-

I.F.R. WORLD Siegerin 2006 + B Nera Earl Antonius HD +/-; ED +/- IPO I


Toronto/Benelux Sieger 04/04/Hun KJS'03 Bos/Ser CH Gonzzo Earl Antonius IPO I, MAG Test NL, HD +/- ED+/-
ADRK Ks 2001 SG1, CH.M.HR Noris von der Alten Festung 
INT CH, SLO CH, HR.CH, Graf von der Alten Festung IPO III, HD-
Youth Winner Tika (von der Alten Festung) 
CH-B.Yug HD-O IPO-I Ria-Flach Rosse 
10X V-1 Yug CH. 10 x CAC, CACIB Beni. IPO I, HD-
 Fani OD "Sremcica" Miladi Pobednik 
Yug CH, '05 ETRK Siegerin Aksa Elez Rott 4xCAC 2xR.CAC, IPO1
Yugoslavia / Bulgaria CH Atos Von Kalacberg IPO 1
 Rick vom Weissen Schwan SchHI, IPOI, HD+/-, ED1
 Etienne von der Elbmundung SchH I,BH
WJS, CHInt, YugCH, HunCH,BulCH Falko vom Sittard HD- ED+
 Gresi Crni Lotos 












































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